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To make sure items last through many travels, I over-edge and double-stitch all the seams where need be, and/or I utilize my serger for some of the more professional seams and for stretchy knits. I often make use of cotton calicos and corduroys (both new and upcycled). I prewash and preshrink the fabrics I use to ensure a smooth and uniform finish. This practice also tests the integrity of the fibers and weaving of the cloth. I also upcycle old sweaters from thrift stores for some of the outerwear and accessories. I stick to mostly natural fibers like cotton and wool, and avoid synthetic rayons and acrylics. These sweaters get machine washed and felted in the dryer to ensure they're clean and easy to care for.

I collect any and all fabric and scraps that come my way, so sometimes there'll be something special and unpredictable included in your patchwork :) Unless the item description says otherwise, the piece you're considering contains material salvaged from clothing found treasure hunting at the thrift shop, or traded in from friends. Often, searches through bins turn up some of the best colors, designs, and quality. I prewash any and all recycled clothing before sewing and don't bother with any fabric pieces that are worn or thread-bare. This all keeps costs down so I can pass along deals and intricate designs to you!

If you see an item you adore, but the sizing is off just a bit or even a whole lot, contact me before sending payment, and I can reserve the item for you while we can discuss how to proceed. Most alterations are ~*free*~. I am all about making sure your piece is comfy and looks great on you!

If you would like to put an item on hold, no problem! Just email me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com and we can work out a payment plan that fits your needs.

Items you see on this site may also be listed concurrently on eBay and/or Etsy. If the item's eBay auction has no bids and you're interested, I can end the auction early and sell it directly to you. If you see an item that happens to be listed on Etsy, but you would prefer to buy directly through me, just send me an email and I can set that up.

Incidentally, if you feel more comfortable purchasing one of my items through a third party, I can list the item you're interested in on Etsy and reserve it for you there. Otherwise, if you haven't already, you can sign up for PayPal. They are great!

When you receive an item from me, I want you to be able to have fun with it right away! If for some reason, it doesn't fit quite right (and you were sure to check your measurements before ordering), I can alter it for you for only the cost of the total shipping. In the rare circumstance there's a quality issue with the item, e.g. the fabric disintegrates when you wash it or a seam bursts the first time you wear it, send the item back to me (on your dime) and I will make the necessary repairs and send it back to you (on my dime).

I do not accept returns or refund payments once an item is paid for. Please be sure to read through the item's description and take note of the measurements before ordering. If you happen to change your mind about a purchase before I have sent it out in the mail, I am happy to give you a credit towards another ready-made item or we can possibly work out a custom order if you prefer (time permitting). If you make a down payment on a custom order, the balance needs to be paid in full within one year of the initial payment, otherwise all rights to the initial payment are relinquished by the buyer. In the case where you've received an item and there is an integrity or sizing issue, please see the Repairs and/or the Alterations section above.

Personally, I love to get my wears out to as many people as possible; therefore, I keep my prices very reasonable. It's a great feeling to know there are kind folks out there who are happy to be wearing something that is from my heart and soul. That said, on the home page of the site, you'll find a 'for sale' or 'free gift' item along with the featured new items. I also periodically go through the pricing of my stock or raise and lower prices a few dollars here and there depending on the time of year, how long the items been listed, and so forth.

If there is something I have for sale that you absolutely can't live without, but you're a bit short of funds, contact me and we can hopefully work out a deal if I'm able to so at that time.

Additionally, you can for sure get a deal if you would like to purchase more than one item. I will take off 10% from the total every time. Email me the item names/codes you want and I will email you a revised invoice for the new total.

Shipping fees are *included* in the price if you are within the USA My standard shippng is Priority Mail with the USPS (United Stated Postal Service). Orders outside the U.S. have the following shipping costs:

Orders up to $50.00: shipping is $5.00
Orders $50.00 and over: shipping is $10.00
Everywhere Else
Orders up to $50.00: shipping is $10.00
Orders $50.00 and over: shipping is $20.00
All shipments within the U.S. also include Delivery Confirmation. Other shipping and tracking services are optional. They include Express Mail, Insurance, Certified Mail, and Registered Mail. You can find out more at the USPS website. If you would like to opt for any of these, please contact me before you place your order.

Any possible additional shipping fees can be added to the total when you use PayPal, a money order, or a personal check. Please be sure to include these, otherwise there may be a delay in shipping your order or a refund/cancellation of the sale.

I accept credit and debit cards (through PayPal), money orders, and personal checks. If you want to send cash through the mail, I strongly suggest sending a money order instead. You can buy them at U.S. post offices and Western Unions for just about $1 or so.

If you would like to send a money order or a personal check, email me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com and let me know what item(s) you're interested in and any other special requests you have. You'll receive a reply with the address where payment can be sent, along with the exact amount due (including all shipping charges less any discounts). I usually ship the items immediately upon receiving money orders, and wait for checks to clear before sending out the goods :)