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handmade hippie patchwork pants
handmade hippie patchwork pants

handmade hippie crochet slouch tam hat dreadlock
handmade hippie crochet dreadlock hat tam

handmade hippie patchwork aprontops
handmade hippie patchwork aprontop apron top


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Fabric Manipulation and Lot Permanence since 1996


You can contact me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com with all of your questions, comments, requests, and concerns. Thank you for your support!

Welcome to Harmonious Threads! My name is Jennifer, and I am happy to be the one behind all that you see here. Sewing is my passion. Anytime I have the chance to pass along my wears is an amazing time for sure!

To find out more, please click here to go to my About Me page.

DEC 17th, 2021

The holidays are here! Almost time for a new year and a new chance to begin all those projects you've been planning and a new chance to finish with all those bad habits you just don't need to be hanging on to anymore. No worries through it all! I'll be doing the same and together we will root one another on :)

PRICING: Items listed here on this site are also usually available on etsy.com too. Pricing updates can vary. If you find a price discrepancy for something and you find yourself wondering whether it is deliberate, the answer is nope! The reasoning just has to do with the timing. Items are always available to you at their lowest listed prices, so just go ahead and contact me before clicking the item's Buy Now button and I will adjust the pricing accordingly to ensure you get the right deal!

CUSTOM ORDERS: New custom orders are not being accepted for the time being. Instead, I am focusing on completeing existing orders and stocking up the website with pre-made, ready to go items. As popular as custom orders are, the time it takes to devote to each item is prohibitive at this time. Receiving an item tailored that matches spefic preferences one has in mind can be exciting, however there are periods as a craftsperson where I need to be free to create items without any parameters or limitations so as to allow my creativity to flourish. That said, custom orders can also be creative! The constraints of a custom order can be inspiring and lead me to places I would have never found on my own! I do see myself accepting custom orders again in the not-too-distant future.

NEW ITEMS: are added regularly as they are completed. I truly love and appreciate all those who are interested in patchy threads and other crafty goods. Please feel free to hit me up anyway to get some creative discussions going! My intention and practice is to treat every endeavor and interaction with absolute care and attention to detail along with soulful acknowledgement of the harmony that comes when all is balanced.



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Got something to say? Report a bug? Email me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com.

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