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handmade hippie patchwork pants
handmade hippie patchwork pants

handmade hippie patchwork apron top
handmade hippie patchwork apron top

handmade hippie crochet slouch tam hat dreadlock
handmade hippie crochet dreadlock hat tam

Please check out more pre-made items as they are being listed HERE.

You can contact me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com with all of your questions, comments, requests, and concerns. Thanks so much!

Welcome to Harmonious Threads! My name is Jennifer, and I am happy to be the one behind all that you see here. Sewing is my passion. Anytime I have the chance to pass along my wears is an amazing time for sure!

Everything I create is of high quality and comes from a place within me that springs from the strength and beauty of my convictions. Balance and moderation are of the utmost importance to me in how I live, and I hope to kindle that inspiration in those whom my handiwork reaches.

Whether you're looking for clothing that is already made and all set to ship out, or you have wonderful ideas spinning around in your head that you want to manifest into your physical reality, I can help you out :)

It's important to me to construct wears that are comfortable and long lasting while also being unique and detailed. I also strive to have a range of pricing from low to high and everywhere in between. This way, everyone can participate! Just contact me at jennifer@harmoniousthreads.com and together we can work out details on both ready-made and custom orders~~

JAN 23rd, 2016

Winter is here! Time to bundle up and get those layers on :) I'm working on getting new wears up ASAP! In the meantime, check out the Sold Gallery pages... they were just newly updated with a ton of pictures from items made by yours truly over the years.

Getting close to filling all my existing custom orders... I will be accepting new orders soon, so hit me up if you'd like to start chatting about ideas now!


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